Classes Workshops Events is a multivendor website where metaphysical teachers host classes and other spiritual events.

We not only offer a variety of interesting topics, but we also have a variety of learning modalities:


  • Our webinars are usually Zoom calls that are led by a spiritual teacher.
    These could be an hour-long single workshop, a series of hour long classes
    over a period of several weeks, or a full day of learning. For the longer
    classes, some instructors also set up a classroom environment.

On Demand

  • On-demand classes are classes that are either pre-recorded or contain a
    set of written assignments that you complete during the course. These are
    often at-your-own-pace classes that allow you to learn anytime, when you have
    the time. Some classes might ask you to follow a schedule and be able to participate
    weekly, so please make sure to read the full intro the class before signing


  • We use the [xxxx] online learning environment. We call these a hybrid environment. For these classes you log into your class and complete assignments and interact with other students in the class. Classrooms are usually part of a series of classes taught in a weekly Webinar. Your instructor will present live material during a Zoom or other video call. You then log into your classroom to find additional material, do practice homework, and read and respond to other students who are also taking the class.Some instructors will also use a classroom for their on-demand classes. In this environment, you follow the instructor’s assignments and interact with other students and your instructor via written posts.
  • You do not need to be a tech-whiz to take an online class, but you will need a computer with a monitor and be able use a mouse to navigate around the classroom’s functions.
Find your spiritual path

How to find a Course or Event

New classes are being created all the time. Make sure to revisit or contact one of the Metaphysical Healers and to ask about their newest offerings.


Psychic Development

Learn basic psychic development techniques and practice advanced techniques.


Learn Tarot, tea reading, and other divination modalities

Shamanic Journeys

Learn how to go on shamanic journeys and meet power animals and other helper spirits

Working with Crystals

Learn how to work with crystals as healing partners

Learn how to become a vendor

Learn how you can offer your own metaphysical or spiritual workshop


Learn and practice connecting with the spirit world.

Animal Communication

Learn to communicate with animals, plants, and trees.

Advanced Shamanic

Learn advanced shamanic techniques, beyond shamanic journeys

Energy Healing

Learn and practice different energy modalities

Free Courses

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Premium Courses

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